Electrabuild believe that partnering is the way forward and has numerous benefits for contractor and client alike.

Partnering stabilises finance on a contract, allowing the client to maintain and monitor the budget accurately and at the same time it releases the constraints on the contractor. Variances are jointly discussed and a way forward agreed.

It means that the future aspirations of client and contractor are managed rather than stumbling along. It’s a more planned approach.


If you are going to have a long-term relationship then it had better be with the right partner. Electrabuild  is a strong believer in partnering – and so are our clients.

· Working together as a team to establish open communication
· Managing the supply chain to achieve a better service delivery
· Improving customer satisfaction
· Demonstration of best value
· Monitoring the use of KPI’s
· Ensuring a fair allocation of risk

What is Partnering
Partnering is a structured management approach to facilitate team working, to develop mutual objectives, agreed problem resolution methods, and an active search for continuous improvement.

Electrabuild believes that the critical success factor for partnering is the commitment of all partners to make the project a success.

There are five key drivers that promote partnering. The drivers must be present within the members of the partnership. It is our belief that an early recognition of these drivers, and the need to promote their importance, will enhance the ability of the team to succeed.

The process of partnering can be described as having three phases.

Firstly, there must be commitment to, and development of, a culture in which partnering can succeed. This requires the senior management, from the partnering organisations to be truly committed to the concept of partnering.
Secondly, processes must exist to enable a partnering agreement to be developed.
Thirdly, the tools that are needed to implement the process must be present to ensure that the process is delivered.

Commercial Case
This investment has benefited our clients, as we have been able to contribute our partnering experience to the team, from operatives to managers. This has enhanced the value of their projects at all levels and has resulted in improved commercial performance derived from a number of factors.

· Better productivity and less waste
· Potential for time and cost reduction
· Opportunities for innovation and value engineering
· Improved decision making processes
· Better quality and value for money

Goals and Objectives
Electrabuild has a number of goals and objectives that we wish to meet whilst working within a partnership. These include

· To add value to our customers and exceed their expectations through the excellent delivery of our service
· To exploit the value of good design such that the end user is left with an environment that meets their needs
· To enhance the built environment in a sustainable way
· To help create an integrated team that is customer focused and works proactively together
· To ensure that Electrabuild is our customers first choice when considering the development of a long term relationship

Integration of supply processes can play an important part in the delivery of sustainable services. Higher quality solutions will reduce the cost of running and maintaining projects after their completion.

We support the focus on the end life of the solutions we deliver, and seek where possible to contribute to the potential for recycling and reuse.

It is our responsibility, in the twenty first century, to create value and minimise the environmental impact of the work we do whilst assisting in the creation of sustainable communities.