Working For ElectraBuild

Electrabuild employs people in a wide range of challenging roles. It is the commitment of these employees which has enabled the company to grow successfully to it’s current size. The company aims to provide a safe secure and friendly working environment for all of it’s employees and we strive to improve current systems and procedures to protect our most valued asset - our staff. 

Our position of strength within the industry and the market sectors we have chosen has been achieved through consistently delivering a high quality product. This is made possible by a highly capable, well trained work force.


The success of our business is almost wholly reliant on the quality of our people. Training and development of our employees is therefore a key business focus.

Health and Safety is of paramount importance and at Electrabuild we are extremely proud of our track-record in this critical area. We continually aim to incorporate better and safer working practices throughout our operations and to ensure that all our employees have a clear understanding of their responsibilities for the environment and Health & Safety.

The training and developement of our employees is also an important part of working life, and both our staff and operatives are encouraged to take part in external and in-house training to enhance their skills and abilities.

All staff are given opportunities to discuss their training and development needs, and we believe our approach to our staff benefits you, the client, as you are assured of a highly skilled, motivated team striving for excellence in all that they do.

Senior Management Team