Company Policy Statements

Health & Safety Policy

We believe that:

a) Statutory Regulations, Codes of Practice etc., relating to Health, Safety and Welfare will provide minimum standards only, and wherever reasonably practicable the Company will strive to improve such standards which are applicable to its operations.

b) Safety, Health and Welfare play a fundamental role in the efficient and profitable organisation of the Company's operations.

c) Joint consultation with all interested parties relating to Health, Safety and Welfare will provide constructive foundations towards the implementation of the pursuance of this policy.

d) Suitable training, instructions and information relating to Health, Safety and Welfare are an integral part of the Company's responsibilities toward the welfare of its employees.

e) Healthy and safe conditions can only be achieved with the fullest co-operation of all persons concerned thus recognising that each and every individual has not only a statutory responsibility but also a moral responsibility toward the health and safety of themselves and all other persons.

Quality Assurance Policy

It is the policy of Electrabuild Ltd and all it's employees to provide the customer with a service of the highest quality that complies with all their needs and contractual requirements.

In order to achieve this high standard of quality, Electrabuild Ltd operates the systems described it's Quality Assurance Manual supported by a comprehensive set of Operating Procedures. 

The Board of Directors strives to ensure that quality is everybody's responsibility throughout the organisation and that each employee is competent in their particular task and has a proper understanding of the importance of quality assurance and its relationship to the success of Electrabuild Ltd.

Senior management are fully aware that there are statutory and regulatory requirements the Customer is bound by. 

The importances of these requirements are communicated throughout the organisation with the aim of achieving continuous improvement in order to ensure ongoing customer satisfaction.

The Managing Director is ultimately responsible for the successful operation of the Quality System.  However, a Quality Assurance Manager has been appointed who is responsible for the daily monitoring of the Quality System and who reports to the Managing Director.

The Quality Assurance Manager has the authority and organisational scope, when recognising quality problems, to initiate and recommend a review or to provide an alternative solution.

In the event of a particular quality programme being required for a special project this shall be planned and executed in conjunction with the client and Electrabuild's own quality procedures and any quality programme adopted shall be at least equal to Electrabuild's own quality programme.

Enviromental Policy
Electrabuild Ltd recognises and accepts the known environmental implications of our engineering works and procedures. Although Electrabuild Ltd does not produce items from raw materials, we may be required to use or encounter products which could, if not handled or dealt with in a responsible manner, likely to cause damage in some form to the environment.

We ensure that materials will be handled and disposed of in a manner that does not damage the environment or cause pollution.

Electrabuild Ltd is committed to the reduction, and where possible elimination, of pollution levels and as an organisation we will:

  • Avoid waste and encourage conservation and / or recycling.
  • Encourage the sustainable use of land based resources
  • Strive to reduce air, land and water pollution.
  • Encourage staff to practice good environmental housekeeping at home.
  • To monitor environmental developments within our industry and to comply with current relevant environmental legislation, and
  • Promote environmental awareness for its operatives and other persons under their control.

From the tender stage Electrabuild Ltd will assess the environmental issues associated with our activities and performance.

As part of our procurement process we will where practicable and subject to clients requirements seek the following objectives:

  • To purchase goods and services that can be manufactured, used and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • To purchase items which can be recycled or reused;
  • To procure from suppliers who show commitment to sustainable environmental improvement.
  • To offer the client alternative equipment / services that improves on energy efficiency.

As a Company we realise how important it is to establish sound environmental management systems. In developing and publishing these policies, we will help to create a sustainable environment that benefits us all.

Company Policy Downloads

Please click on the links below to view or download the full versions of our Company policies.

EHS Policy Statement (601kb)
Business Code of Conduct (619kb)
COSHH Policy Statement (603kb)
Safe System of Work Policy (789kb)
Employee Code of Conduct (651kb)